Flexlam PCBs

Our Flexlam PCB is an alternative to the Rigid-Flex PCB if the bending cycles are limited. This “one-time-bending” is given during the installation process or in case of service work. All components and plugs are placed on the rigid part, which is connected unsolvable with the flexible part. For cost minimization, the flexible layers are laid on the outside. For covering the flexible areas, we provide cover layers and flexible lacquer.

Material parameters

  • copper thickness 18 mic, 35 mic or 70 mic
  • various copper thicknesses in combination available
  • carrier material 125 mic FR4
  • rigid part based on FR4
  • all current surfaces are available

Your advantages at a glance

  • more cost-effective than polyimide systems
  • proven FR4 system
  • low z-Axis-Expansion
  • conventional desmear- and metallization processes
  • high reliability and long service life


* Other varia­ti­ons on demand. Please con­tact us!