To protect the PCB from permanently from external influences, corrosion and mechanical damages, we offer you the possibility to coat the PCB with soldermask. The soldermask offers several advantages:

  • improves electrical properties like dialectrical strength
  • prevents solder bridges
  • provides a huge colour range

We apply the soldermask via screen printing or curtain coating. It should be noted, that only green soldermask is available with curtain coating. To harden the soldermask, thermal and / or UV-curing takes place.

colour range (Sun and Peters)

  • black matt
  • black glossy
  • white – high glossy for LED applications (temperature resistant, non-yellowing)
  • green matt
  • green glossy
  • blue matt
  • red glossy
  • yellow glossy
  • transparent
  • flexible soldermask for flexible circuits (green)

Further colours on demand.