Delivery and Logistics

We offer short delivery times* of small series and samples and realising samples within 24 hours** with a size of 1-2 qm².

Our standard delivery times are:

  • Two-sided PCBs 11 working days
  • Multilayer 14 working days

Other possibilities and information about urgent fees on request.

Delivery time Asia

  • 25*** working days (including production, airfreight and delivery)
  • + 30 working days by ship

* production in Germany
** having regard to the production times
*** variations are possible


Beside the direct delivery of your order, we offer additional services:

  • Blanket purchase order with release schedule

We offer storage of your total order in our own stock. If necessary you can retrieve the desired subset. B&B takes over the storage disposition and the advance financing.

  • Consignment stock

Store the total amount of the order yourself, but pay only for the taken subset. For further information about the storage options please contact us!