Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility from B & B – Social responsibility even beyond national borders

Human dignity, occupational safety and compliance with environmental standards is a basic criterion of entrepreneurial activity in Germany. The validity of the norms beyond the borders beyond but is treated from land to land different. As a PCB manufacturer with German production and Asian trading partners, B & B strives to demand respectful treatment of the workforce as well as environmentally sound and ethical business processes from its Asian suppliers.

The Code of Conduct of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition is a collection of standards based on laws relating to work, health, safety, environment, management system and ethics and is subject to ongoing member improvement process.

The following standards are to be created through the participation and acceptance of the EICC Code:

– Safe working conditions in the supply chain of the electronics industry
– Dignity and respectful treatment of the workers
– Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes

Participation in this project is of course voluntary. Nevertheless, B & B endeavors to ensure that all partners recognize and implement this Code. So far, we have all of our A-Suppliers ready to comply with the Code.

Written confirmation of participation is an essential point. However, the main focus is on the on-site auditing by our employees. The Code of Conduct was included in the auditing plans and is now an integral part of the review of our partner.

We would like to make a valuable contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility.