Tilt and Vibration Sensor

Short description
The Micro Tilt and Vibration Sensor records slight movements, vibration and orientation or tilt through a gold-plated, moving micro-ball. Due to its small size, the sensor is suitable for use in very small electronic devices. The Micro Tilt and Vibration Sensor can easily be integrated, signal conditioning is not required.

A micro-ball with a diameter of just 0.8mm is located in a hollow of the sensor and can move freely inside this hollow. Even the smallest movement or vibration causes the ball to move so that this one closes or opens two gold-plated contacts. The pulses resulting from this are evaluated by application-specific electronics and are implemented in corresponding switching signals.

Tiny and multitalented:
Thanks to minimum dimensions (miniaturisation) there are almost no limits to the application of the Micro Tilt and Vibration Sensors.

A patented manufacturing technique enables the mass production of the sensors in large quantities on the basis of printed circuit boards – and that means consistent high quality and with high efficiency.

Environmentally friendly:
Unlike previously used mercury switches, the halogen free Micro Tilt and Vibration Sensor by Sensolute forgoes environmentally damaging, toxic substances and therefore is RoHS and REACH compliant.


  • fully-automatic SMT mountable
  • gold-plated ball and contact surfaces
  • low operating current, less than 0.2 µA
  • R_ON < 100 Ohm
  • R_OFF > 30 Mega Ohm
  • Response threshold approx. 50 mg
  • Temperature range -40°C – +85°C
  • Dimensions (l x b x h) 2.85 x 2.45 x 1.7 mm
  • Silent ball movement