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New plant for electroplated and immersion gold

To expand the production portfolio, B&B invests in a new system for electroplated and immersion gold. With this we can implement PCB sizes up to 650 mm or panel sizes up to 700×700 mm. The new system will be available from August 2013. This is not only a benefit for the PCB production, also for the further services of surface coating with electroplated gold and rhodium/ ruthenium.

Solid revenue

The Asian PCB production is still on an upward trend but the European manufactories are more often threatened by closures. However, B&B recorded solid revenues, also in the first month of 2013. Reasons for this are the two pillars of production – Germany and Asia.

“In Germany we offer the high quality production of small series and samples for standard and special PCB technologies and in Asia we provide large-scale orders from our audited partners for best quality and price. For both pillars, B&B is your personal contact!”

New technology from Asia

In addition to the HDI-technology that has been successfully produced in Asia, B&B has been audited new partners for the production of Flexlam PCBs. This was previously only possible for samples and small series in Germany and can now be ordered from Asia.

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Active in Research and Development

The production site in Mittweida offers our customers a wide range of special technologies – including slipring PCBs. To improve the wear resistance of our slipring PCBs, we are testing new surfaces at the moment.

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