Base material

For the production of PCBs and their various scopes, it is important to choose the most suitable base material.

There is a wealth of material, whose parameters are crucial for different applications. The key factors of a base material are process safety, electrical, thermal and mechanical characteristics.

Here you can find a selection of our base materials:

FR4 standard material composite material made of fibreglass fabric and epoxy resin binder,TG 135°C thicknesses: 0,1 – 3,2mm * from a thickness of 3,2mm, the material can be pressed, other thicknesses on demand
FR4 high TG material for applications with dynamic loads and high temperatures
FR4 – Flexlam material particularly thin, for the production of PCBs with flexible parts
FR4 filled with ceramics ceramic bonded materials
CAF resistant material for high thermal loads and circuits with high demands on migration solid substrates
Rogers material ceramic material, very high isolation resistance at low substrate thickness
IMS material base material for efficient derivation of dissipated heat
Polyimide thin and temperature resistant material for flexible PCBs
Teflon ideal for high frequency applications

* other materials on request