The B&B Group is always striving to produce according to the latest regulations and laws. With the regular certification and auditing by external inspectors, we guarantee a safe and sustainable production of our printed circuit boards. A list of our certifications is available on this page!

TÜV certification

Certificate B&B Sachsenelektronik GmbH according to ISO 9001 (2008) Download
Certificate B&B Leiterplattenservice GmbH according to ISO 9001 (2008) Download

Eco friendly!

For sustainable environmental and resource management, we have made it our task to avoid ecological damages generally. Should this be unavoidable for technical reasons, we continue to the next level recycling and treatment. All recyclable materials, e.g. metal, paper and plastic are collected separately and supplied to the recycling chain. Special waste is carefully separated and disposed properly. It goes without saying that we always comply with the legal requirements in the framework of our environmental and corporate policy.

Our certifications in environmental management according to ISO 14001 (2009) Download


The Underwriters Laboratories Inc. – short UL, is a global operating, independent institution for the implementation of product-safety tests. UL-certificated products and components guarantee security and are tested annually in accordance with prescribed standards.

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UL–number B&B Sachsenelektronik GmbH: E167418

The UL-certificate can be viewed here.
The UL-certification for Canada can be viewed here.